Established in 2003, PowerClear has grown to become much more than your average tree service company. Now running up to 100 full-time staff and operating over 180 heavy pieces of machinery in our fleet, we thrive on bigger and more difficult projects and can offer a range of services to our clients all over Australia.

“By doing it all in-house we can maintain a quality service that we can control. We’ve been able to offer our clients that holistic approach.” – Campbell Brooke, Arborist and PowerClear Director

Holistic & Renewable

PowerClear brings with it a holistic approach to Arboriculture Industry. We provide a full suite of in-house services to complete a project from start to finish.

We also have a strong horticulture and landscape services team. PowerClear own’s and operates our own timber mill and mulch trommel, this equipment enables us to recycle 100% of by-products that is produced from our tree pruning and removal works.

For all your vegetation management needs