PowerClear use water knife units in a unique and effective way. With the high-pressure water, and under fully controlled circumstances and with all the safety gear, crews cut through tree roots for root pruning, root barrier installation, stump removal or transplanting work.

A Cut Above The Rest

PowerClear crews use high-quality purpose-built water knife units that have been installed onto vacuum trucks. Our two in one Water knife/vacuum truck units are very versatile combinations that allow us to have the option of both high- and low-pressure water cutting or hydro excavation accompanied with the ability to vacuum excavate and clean up the spoil as we go. Our water knifes are a stand-alone unit with a 4-cylinder diesel engine that can go up to 9000 psi. Being a very dangerous piece of equipment, Kevlar boots and pants must be worn, along with all the other PPE. Normally performed on flat ground, PowerClear are revolutionising its uses and can cut root balls from the sides of batter slips with our specially trained arborist height access crews.

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