PowerClear specialising in servicing the amenity tree industry and has the expertise, knowledge personnel and equipment to facilitate any conceivable tree pruning and removal project.

Tree Pruning and Removal Services

PowerClear’s arborist have access to a large array of specialised plant and equipment to assist them in delivering the highest quality of arboricultural services. PowerClear owns and operates the following plant and equipment to assist our arborist undertake their works:

  • Level 3 arborist climbing crews
  • Elevated work platforms ranging from 12m to 40m in height
  • Woodchippers ranging from 12” to 30” capacity
  • Remote controlled rubber tracked stump grinders
  • Excavators ranging from 1.7 to 36tonnes
  • Rubber tracked Skid Steer loaders
  • 850 to 1,000hp inline grinders

For all your vegetation management needs