PowerClear offer a holistic approach and pride themselves on providing tree planting, regeneration, landscaping, and maintenance services.

Tree Planting and Maintenance Services

PowerClear can facilitate all facets of tree planting and maintenance including:

  • Sourcing and supply of tree stock
  • Planting of tree stock ranging from tube stock to ex-ground tree stock
  • After care maintenance including watering, fertilising, pest and disease control, pruning and mulching

PowerClear tree planting and tree maintenance crews are all qualified horticulturalist/arborists, all stock sourcing and supply is over seen buy our diploma qualified horticulturalist/arborists.

PowerClear owns and operates a large array of tree planting and maintenance plant and equipment tro assist our horticulturalist/arborists undertake their works, including:

  • Fully enclosed tree transport trucks
  • Hydro excavation/vacuum trucks
  • Water trucks ranging from 2,000 – 12,000litres
  • Tipper truck ranging from 2tonne to 22tonne GVM
  • Mini skid steer loaders and excavators

For all your vegetation management needs